Epi/Tren PCT?

  1. Epi/Tren PCT?

    Hi I am going to run epistane and Tren extreme by ACL. I am wondering what would be the best liquid SERM for me to order for my PCT? Having a hard time trying to decide if clomiphene citrate or tamoxifene citrate would be a better choice? If you guys have any past experience with this type of cycle or have advice lemme know Thanks!

  2. Anybody?

  3. I'm running my first Epistane cycle right now & half way thru it - 30/40/40/40/50 and will be running Clomid for 3-4wks starting wk 1 and still deciding whether to use 6OXO or PCS in wk3. that's all i got; keep looking around.

  4. Thanks..Would 6OXO and nolvadex XT be comparable to use for week 3 of PCT?

  5. 30/40/40/40/50 - I ran it that exact same dose - Am currently using toremifene first week at around 90.

  6. Any SERM would work. I dunno why people ask these questions when infact SERMs are pretty much similar.

    Nolva will only make prolactin worse IF YOU'RE PROLACTIN, but it won't cause lactation... if thats a word. lol

    SERM of choice
    AI 3rd week of choice

    enjoy the gains!

  7. I know SERMS are similar I just get confused when half people say dont take nolva and half say it doesnt matter with a Tren product. Ill prob just go with clomid. I have some Vitex that Im going to use and was wondering how I should take this... One capsule is 100 mg of vitex berry and 250 mg of vitex berry extract? Thanks for all your advice so far..

  8. Everyone prefers somthing.

    i have a pontiac, you have another model, both are cars.... do the same ****.

    3 caps of vitex would work.
    200mg of b6 would also.

  9. Just wondering from peoples past experiences... what would be considered a more powerful PH? Tren Extreme by ACL or the old Mass Tabs? I have taken the tabs twice.. nice strength gains.

  10. how do vitex and P5P work for combating gyno? the epistane would reduce the possibility for estrogen related sides with tren correct?

    i know for pct with tren alone clomid is definitely prefered to nolva

  11. I know vitex is mainly a womens supplement that is used to control their hormone levels and I think keep them at balance. Im assuming it will help regulate the prolactin from the tren. Im not sure about the P5P. My hope is that the epistane helps control any unwanted estrogen levels thats why I planned on putting the two together. Well see... Ive heard its a good stack. I think the prolactin levels causing gyno are more to worry about with this cycle. I am gonna use clomid after

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Fit4Lyfe View Post
    Thanks..Would 6OXO and nolvadex XT be comparable to use for week 3 of PCT?
    Clomid or Nolva would work fine. Running Post Cycle Support weeks 3-6 there would be no need for the 6 oxo or Novedex XT as the Post Cycle Support will help with the estro.
    Ask me for samples of the new RecoverPRO and Maniac. 3Z is coming July 1st Facebook for more info and maybe a great deal on it coming.

  13. my body seems to be more sensitive to phs for both sides and gains. what do you think about running 60mg of tren extreme and 30 mg of epistane? im thinking about taking 1mg of formestane also to help control estrogen as well ...would this be a problem?


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