Cut my cycle short

  1. Cut my cycle short

    Cut my cycle short due to some bp chest issues after only three days oh hdrol I was a dumbass and was still drinking energy drinks. Since it has only been three days do I need to do anything or can I just end my cycle?????

  2. Most likely you can just end the cycle. Were your doses those 3 days low,normal, or high? Someone with more knowledge please chime in.

  3. only 50 mg but I must be sensitive to something in it

  4. yeah, i'm running Epistane right now; and I've learned very quickly that while on this supplement - I need to be very careful as to what i put in my body. i've had to eat/drink very clean - low salt, sodium, & especially low caffiene! everybodies body reacts differently; i think w/ any cycle there will be times when your mind-f'in yourself and when you are really experiencing discomfort - it's up to you as to when to make the call & better safe then sorry. And like any normal day of your life; your not gonna feel perfect and the same goes for the cycle. but if you had nasty BP levels for 3 straight days & couldn't function then you made the right choice. i wouldn't imagine a PCT would be necessary but keep researching.

  5. When I was running epistane even at 50 it didn't have much effect on blood pressure - 125/55. Though I get the impression H-drol doesn't do much else apart from raise your blood pressure.

  6. I would check BP, then go from there. If everything is good, ur clear. If not look for natural ways to alleviate this.

    One question: What did you do pre cycle to prep your body for this?


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