PCT for a P-Plex/M-Drol Cycle

  1. PCT for a P-Plex/M-Drol Cycle

    On Cycle:
    Week 1: 15mg P-Plex
    Week 2: 30mg P-Plex
    Week 3: 30mg P-Plex
    Week 4: 15mg P-Plex / 20mg M-Drol
    Week 5: 20mg M-Drol
    Week 6: 20/30mg M-Drol

    As far as PCT goes, I have AX aPCT, AX MassFX, and a bottle of Nolva. I havent decided how I am going to go about the PCT yet, any suggestions?

    Right now I am leaning towards:
    Week 7: 40mg Nolva / 4 caps AX MassFX
    Week 8: 30mg Nolva / 4 caps AX MassFX
    Week 9: 20mg Nolva / 4 caps AX MassFX / 3caps AX aPCT
    Week 10: 20mg Nolva / 4 caps AX MassFX / 3caps AX aPCT
    Week 11: 3caps AX aPCT
    Week 12: 3caps AX aPCT

  2. personally, i mean you do what u want, but i would switch the mass fx and aPCT. and also throw a cort blocker in there. and also don't forget about support supps during cycle and during pct

  3. Support Supps:
    Red Yeast Rice 2400mg/daily
    Milk Thistle 1000mg/daily
    CoQ10 100mg/daily
    Hawthorn Berry 1000mg/daily
    Saw Palmetto 320mg/daily
    MultiV (OptiMen)
    Fish Oil 6g/daily
    Flaxseed Oil 3600mg/daily

    And I am going MassFX before aPCT because the aPCT and MassFX came with this little suggested schedule thing, its called "The Alpha Male Cycle", I'm sure if you google it you can find it. The suggest MassFX for 4 weeks, then Advanced PCT for 4 weeks. Do you have past experience with a cycle like this? What reason would you switch them?

  4. i don't personally but i know people who have used it like that. see aPCT is like the AI and mass fx the test booster. so to me it makes more sense to switch them for that reason. but hey if the thing you got says to do it that way then do it. im sure itll be fine.

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