Friend needs HELP!

  1. Friend needs HELP!

    Guys my really good friend started his first cycles on and off about 5 months ago. He first started with test injections 250mg twice a week for at least 2 or 3 months staight. Then added hgh with the test. Then added deca till he got deca **** then came off of that. He also included hcg shots along with all of this. He raised his test shots and got to the point that his test levels were 1650 on his blood tests and finally decided to chill out on the gear. He took anavar lastly for about 1 month then he just stopped everything cold turkey. Now about 3 weeks later he went to another doc for blood test. Doc called and said " oh there is a slight problem" So now dumbass doc has him on androgel. He is very stubborn and I told him he needs some clomid asap. He wont listen and says I will trust a professional and not some internet forum. Guys what can you suggest he take?


  2. Guys what can you suggest he take?
    Nothing ever again.

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