Poll: Which SERM for PCT??

All B.S. aside, what's the best SERM for PCT??

  1. All B.S. aside, what's the best SERM for PCT??

    I have always been a user of Nolva for my PCT, but I'm wanting to try Clomid as it seems like it brings test production back faster. What about the new Toremifine.....
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  2. it depends on the compound used on cycle for a 19nor where you might have progesterone to think about clomid is probally better for straight test cycle i always liked tamox and clomid. But when i first started out it was always clomid

  3. It can say all BS aside, yet it still has to take into account the compound used (how harsh the shutdown was, if any substantially) and the person's own physiological environment ...

    For me, personally, it was torem, check my post in the PCT therapy thread for details.
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  4. I suppose it's very subjective.

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