PCT support includes:
6 oxo
Liver Support
Activate Xtreme

I am running a higher dosed cycle this time around, it will be my second. 50mg cycle gave promising results 8lbs lean mass (and strength gains were just simply amazing), but i should stress that pct and diet were well-prepared and in check.

My previous PCT conisted of Nolva
Week 1: 40/30/20/20/20/20/20mg
week2-4: 20mg
Sides were very low and shutdown was not bad at all, and this pct worked very well in the absence of an strong AI and test booster. At the time Animal Stak, a trib based test booster and thus not the most promising one of choice was ran in week 2 of PCT until finish (it also has an AI in it I believe).

This time around I will be bumping the dose up to 75mgs on cycle, thus expecting slightly greater signs of shutdown. Though magnon is methylated and thus liver toxic- in comparison to others it has a relatively lower toxicity.

My proposed PCT, tell me what you think- a yes or no will suffice & i welcome detailed suggestions:
Week 1: Nolva 40/30/20/20/20/20/20mg
week 2: Nolva 20mg & Activate Xtreme
week 3: Nolva 20mg & Activate Xtreme
Week 4: Nolva 20 mg & Activate Xtreme
(At this point Activate will extend past pct for another week, as its usually a 4 week supply per bottle- I'm not going to do 8 weeks of AX)
I will start AX in week 2 of PCT and not week 1 so my body has a chance to assimilate to and adjust the hormonal imbalance on its own...i also dont want the free test to make the body think its test levels are actually in synch whereas the increased free test just creates that misleading illusion
- have run AX before and its worked well as a test booster

Debating whether the 6 oxo is unnecessary in presence of Nolva...