Started PCT today

  1. Started PCT today

    Dosed 90mg of Torem today and almost puked. This is some nasty $hit! PCT consists of 90/60/30/30 for a 3wk cycle of Mdrol at 10/20/20. Will incorporate Reversitol or Stoked weeks 3-6. Which is a better product - Reversitol or Stoked?

  2. reversitol

  3. I'm thinking of dosing 90 mgs of toremifene at 30 x 3 split evenly throughout the day.

  4. A Clomid weeks 1-4 pct with Stoked weeks 3-6 of pct would work very well.
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  5. im gunna say that if you use torem then use PCS because Torem has AI properties.!!!



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