So Im a first time user of any PH/PS. My choice is H-drol, for obvious reasons.
I plan on running for at least 4 weeks up to 6 weeks depending on how it goes.
Ive read what seems like hundreds of PCT threads and have formulated (kinda stolen) one of my own.

I need to know what you guys who have been doing this a while think of what Ive put together.

CEL cycle assist for 4-7 days or so before beggining H-drol

H-drol--50/50/50/50/50/50-possibly stepping to 75mgs last two weeks if nessecary.

weeks 1-7 CEL PCT at 4 caps 2x/day
weeks 3-5 or 3-7(need help here) Inhibit E 3/2/2/1 *or* 6 oxo 300/300/300/200
weeks 3-7 AX Lean FX at 2-3 caps/day

I will also have tamoxafine citrate. Should I only dose this if I have a gyno flare up or should I do it for PCT weeks 1-4 at 20/20/10/10 no matter what???
Also what if I do end up doing a 6 week run, should I stretch the nolva a week or two further.
The nolva is really the only thing Im not almost 100% sure of how to dose.

Thank you in advance for you advice guys. Ive learned a ton of stuff from this site already and look foreward to learning a ton more.