Hey fellas, i am going to being a cycle of d-bol but have a couple questions first.

i have 10mg d-bol tablets
10mg Nolva for my pct

i am wondering about any Estrogen blockers? if i should get any and if so what product i should get?

i have a rough plan about how i should start and end the cycle, i am going to list it and am open to suggestions about altering it in any way!

planning on doing a 7 week cycle with a 3 week pct

first week starting at 20 mg a day of d-bol and goin up 10 mg a week bux maxing out at 60 mg.....so

week 1: 20mg
week 2: 30mg
week 4: 40 mg
week 5: 50 mg
week 6: 60 mg
week 7: 60 mg
week 8: pct
week 9ct
week 10: pct

should i pyramid the mg back down at week 6 and 7 by 10mg or thats no necessary?

My PCT for the 3 weeks is planned as follows

week 1: 20mg a day
week 2: 30mg a day
week 3: 30mg a day

i understand d-bol has a short half life and the PCT should start the day after im done the d-bol

on top of all this i will also be taking:

weight gainer protein
multi vitamin
omega 3
milk thistle (should i take it at a constant rate throughout the cycle or up it during PCT???)
grape extract
hawthornberry extract

open to honest opinions!

just dont be a **** about it!