Gyno or prolactin?

  1. Gyno or prolactin?

    took trenadrol by kilosports and developed puffy nipple on left side as well as underneath there is some soft tissue build up? What nolva help this or something else because might be prolactin? If i squeeze it, nothing comes out or anythign> So wondering if nolva would be ok or something else since it was trenadrol ??Help?

  2. from what i have heard clomid is best serm for tren. sounds like prolactin gyno, and not estrogen gyno... ask around the steroid forum, there is tons of good info on there, with plenty of threads similar to yours. I do think clomid would work better than nolva though.

  3. get clomid, p-5-p and bulk 1-carboxy..if it gets really bad..get caber

  4. well my prolactin level was fine. I have had this for a while now. So i hear if i get gyno for a while, letro only thing that will help it. Also mye2 is very high so i think it is related to estrogen more so. Prolactin level ok, e2 level high?

  5. WOuld one assume or be ignorant in thinking that estro gyno would be much more serious due to hard lumps of tissue forming possibly requiring surgery removal, as opposed to prolactin gyno where one has elevated levels of prolactin thus making one a bit juicy and is rid once levels of prolactin were balanced out. Especially in a case where say a person used Nolva for PCT with a Tren compound instead of Clomid??

  6. Yeah I'm wondering if the prolactin gyno will go away in PCT??


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