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    I've been reading alot of ads in magazines and online about this product Anadraulic State by LG. It says it has a natural serm in it. If this is true, would it be a replacement for a stand alone serm product such as Torem or Nolva?

    It's Coming...Anadraulic State


    We are releasing a new supplement that is unlike anything on the market. It's called...Anadraulic State (tm)

    This new item will contain in a powdered form some things never before seen in the supplement world, plus a unique combination of ingredients:

    Four Phase Testosterone Analog:

    1 - Generation 2 Anti-Aromatase - This will obviously boost testosterone, this one is a little less potent than ATD or Androsterone, yet strong enough for daily use.

    2 - Generation 2 SERM - This will reduce the estrogenic profile in the body and further boost testosterone by increasing LH.

    3 - Receptor Technology - Increases androgen sensitivity

    4 - pSARM - Next generation pSARM with androgen-like effects.

    Surrounded in a base of:

    Essential Amino Acids (free form - hydrolyzed)
    Waxy Maize Starch
    Cortisol Reducers (important for a better anabolic environment)
    A new form of Creatine (the patent pending stuff we have been working on) that should be much more bioavailable
    Beta Alanine - for reduction in lactic acid


    Nothing I say constitutes medical advise.
    Anadraulic State - 4 NEW TECHNOLOGIES
    SERM - Blocks Estrogen
    ANTI-AROMATASE - Boosts Testosterone
    pSARM - Anabolic Complex
    RECEPTOR - Increased Response

  2. I wouldnt say its a replacement for real serms like clomid or torm.

  3. Not likely to be as effective as a real SERM, probably a fair bit weaker. If you're running a serious cycle, have a real SERM handy.

  4. Thanks. I was thinking of an Epistane run. I would be going no higher than 30mg.

    I thought it wouldn't be enough of a serm. Just thought I would ask though to get some opinions on the product.

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