Testicular pain

  1. Testicular pain

    day 2 of my pct and my right ball hurts. is this normal?

    doing neos guide on pct nolvadex.

    4 weeks epi no probs while on just when i drink nolva it hurts.

  2. If I remeber right that is common, but you can stop it with some HCG.

  3. i've heard people complain about pain meaning their nuts are returning to full size.

    Nolva didn't do sh*t for me after my first havoc run....Reversitol worked much better and I felt some slight discomfort...weird

  4. Most likely has to do with hypertrophy and reintroduction of spermatogenesis. The pain shouldn't last more than a few days.

  5. k cool cause it only hurts after i take nolva.

    pain is similar to being hit in the nuts and side stomach hurts too

  6. Your testicles are attached to the largest dermatone of your body. Being hit in your testicles can cause basically anything from you toes to your bellybutton to feel displaced pain. Most likely evolutionary protection. As far as male animals go, our nuts are the most important thing to protect, so if something hurts them, we need to know.

  7. I remember now on my first havoc cycle...wasnt even running dosages above 30, but around week 4 I had some real pain.

    My lower abdomen hurt constantly...couldn't pin point it...felt like I had been hit in the nuts all day. I think this was pain from the atrophy occuring.


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