Clomiphene citrate... drink or Inj?

  1. Clomiphene citrate... drink or Inj?

    Liquid Clomiphene citrate should be taken how? Can I drink this stuff? With food / without..... Im use to the oral pill form....

    Thanks in advance guys!!!!

  2. drink it straight or mix it i mix mine in oj

  3. Cool. Thanks man, just making sure its safe to drink...

  4. i put it in a dropper and do it that way

  5. Never inj. that. Best to just take a syringe and drink straight..

  6. Thanks guys!

  7. I always draw the dose I want into an oral syringe, then draw water until the syringe is full. For the worse tasting products, it makes dilutes out the flavor.

    I'm not a fan of mixing anything with acidic fluids.

  8. if you get a flavored one then it will be no problem drinking it down...even if it's not up and take it down. lol

  9. yeah I take the needle off the syringe (like I did with winnie) and stick in the back of my throat and gulp. It doesnt hit my taste buds so far back and If I gulp quick enough, no taste.

  10. Clom makes the tongue numb for awhile... So it's a good idea to gulp it fast, don't let it sit there :P


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