Using Havoc to FIGHT havoc sides?

  1. Using Havoc to FIGHT havoc sides?

    After my second 4-5week havoc cycle(40-50mg) I noticed the onset of prolactin gyno...My nipples looked as if I had a small water pocket under them...and if squeezed discharged lumps at all tho..

    Been off the Havoc for almost 3 weeks...Using vitamin B6 500mg's and Sustain Alpha...noticed the self induced lactating is almost gone. But the water pockets are still there.

    Wonder if i ran 10mg's of Havoc would this rid the water retention look under my nipples? Im at 10% bodyfat btw...


    Just looking to get this cleared up for I am going to run a test enthate/winny cycle after the first of the year...

  2. Are you using a SERM ?? Get a hold of some Nolva asap and run it with the B6. Get some L-dopa or L-tyrosine too.
    Remember why you started.

  3. Not running a SERM...I did Havoc before and Sustain Alpha kept me running normal... For some reason this cycle hit me with the side effects...

    My understanding was nolva doesnt work with this kind of nipple/chest effects?

  4. Have you had this issue before?

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  5. bulk 6oxo worked for me. I had the same situation.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Trauma1 View Post
    Have you had this issue before?

    Never had this problem really, I mean its weird that it hit my on my SECOND havoc cycle....

  7. weird. I didn't think havoc had any progestin characteristics.

    Get some caber bro.

  8. caber, P-5-P and powerfull

  9. Quote Originally Posted by bigpapa View Post
    caber, P-5-P and powerfull

    My libido is this stack will rid me of the puffy nipples and water pockets under them?

    I just wish I knew what this was have had it for three weeks and have no lumps what-so-ever in my chest...just those little wrinkles under my nipples...

  10. SO does a discharge of the nipple mean Gyno for sure??? Say there is no lumps, tenderness, etc, but when you squeeze the nipple hard enough, a very slight(maybe 2 pinpoint size drops out of the nipple surface, each time you squeeze). Like I said, no tenderness or lumps or sensitivity at all, just with a hard squeeze of the nipple, 2 pinpoint size droplets surface, they are a brownish color to boot. No droplets unless squeezed hard...Gyno or simple secretion from pseudogyno??

  11. Not familiar with what P-5-P is...details?? Thanks...

  12. low levels of estrogen can cause prolactin to flare up...compounds that dont aromatize can still give you gyno in this way...i would try running caber...sound like this is a pretty mild case tho i wouldnt waste your money stacking the p-5-p and powerfull to tho

  13. I thought if you sqeezed hard enough anyone can secrete a drop of fluid...i've done this before with vice grip squeeze during my first havoc pct and just left it alone..

  14. Quote Originally Posted by bigpapa View Post
    caber, P-5-P and powerfull
    The LORD is my rock, my fortress, and my savior; my God is my rock, in whom I find protection. He is my shield, the power that saves me, and my place of safety.-Psalm 18:2


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