Hemadrol/Propadrol Best PCT

  1. Hemadrol/Propadrol Best PCT

    Ive run a cycle of another halodrol clone before and just used a estroblocker and natural test booster for PCT. It seemed to work fine with no sides. I am going to run the hemadrol/propadrol stack soon and was just planning on using a solid natty test booster for PCT again. Supposedly Hema or propa does not aromatize so I don't feel like PCT is a huge concern. Any suggestions?

  2. Post Cycle Support should be enough...or add in reversitol if you want
    one or the other or stacked like this



  3. I agree with kmul. I becuse your stacking 2 compounds would use the Post Cycle Support and Resversitol if you want. Try to have a SERM on hand.
    Ask me for samples of the new RecoverPRO and Maniac. 3Z is coming July 1st Facebook for more info and maybe a great deal on it coming.

  4. just from my personal opinion..i would go with another halodrol clone in this stack. when i used hemadrol 2 years ago it was not good at all. no strength gains, no weight gain, no noticeable results. ive used epistane twice also and noticed alot of gains in almost eveyrthing. also on the hemadrol i got the ****s real bad. almost explosive. i don't trust EST too much. also didn't like the dosing. 50mg caps. kind of was like one and done no kind of constant flow. but maybe itll work better for you. as for your PCT. i agree with kmul and pembroke. also have a SERM. they r easy to get. halodrol doesn't have a high gyno risk but propadrol being a progesterone compound their is risk of progesterone induced gyno. i suggest clomid for ur SERM. good luck

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