Libido is dead

  1. Libido is dead

    Hey guys coming off a 10 week cycle of xtreme Tren...

    Great cycle lost 4 inches off the waist and kept my weight around 225.

    Im 2 weeks into pct and met this girl with an insatiable sex appetite..only thing is the xtreme tren killed the libido..

    Using anabolic xtremes advanced pct...seems to be working..however I need to jumpstart the libido.

    Any help would be appreciated.ose:

  2. good god brotha? 10 weeks of tren oral? don't ever do that again.

    where's the clomid in your PCT? that's a good indicator that your PCT is shall we say "light".

    buy some clomid, don't take the tren above 6 weeks in the future - sides vs gains vs recovery are terrible after week 8. 6 seems to be the magic cycle length. IMO.

  3. Go eat some Clomid or Torm fast! in the meantime, Tribulus, Aspire, Fenugreek, DTHC etc...little blue pills.

  4. Thanks for the help guys...didnt feel that shut down...but the whole libido thing is a mind ****..ordering some Torm in the meantime fenugreek and the ax pct will have to do..what is DTHC by the way

  5. Diesel Test Hardcore

  6. post cycle therapy by IDS

  7. Stoked should help. I agree 10 weeks was way to much.
    Ask me for samples of the new RecoverPRO and Maniac. 3Z is coming July 1st Facebook for more info and maybe a great deal on it coming.!/TeamAISports

  8. I agree on the pct tabs.

    toremifene + pct tabs + Diesel Test Hardcore/or T-bol by Thermolife = Male Pornstar of the Century

  9. 10 weeks on extreme tren? seriously?
    what dosage?
    I'm pretty surprised you're still able to perform actually...
    Olympus Labs Forum Rep, R&D Team
    Olympus Labs. Innovation. Value. Results.

  10. wow i hope tren x doesnt have a methyl. you wanna throw in some p5p or caber. Caber always bring my libido back immediatly. Would probably for you right away cuz you were taking a progestin

  11. 10 wks! Holy cow man

    I only did 2 weeks of Sus500 with my havoc and My libido is still shot. Going on 4 weeks now.

    You better get some viagra cause that is the only thing that has worked for me.

  12. yeah im shut down like a mofo on tren extreme and i have situations like that you need to have a stash of blue pills to save your saved mine

  13. I sure miss Aspire36 original. If anyone has found anything that works, please PM me with info!
    Thank You!


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