Question: Novaldex or Novadex XT?

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    Question: Novaldex or Novadex XT?

    Hey there folks.

    So, quick question for you all who are so enlightened about this sort of thing. I'm doing a halovar cycle this month, first cycle ever. 23 years old, 6' tall, 165lbs, doing mma training and heavy weights.

    Now, for PCT; I have access to Novaldex (the real deal) from a buddy of mine, $30 for 30 pills. Also, I work at a supp shop so I can get the regular, legal Novadex XT (60 pills, 2 day) for about $34 or somethin. Since my cycle is only one PH, and not for very long, would it benefit me to do the novaldex? It's cheaper, anyhow, and I don't know if there are any risks to taking it besides the legalities, but if it's more effective I guess I should give it a shot, right?

    Thanks alot you guys

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    Buy both, and keep the nolvadex ready to use. IMO

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