not sure what weeks to take active xtreme or 6-oxo during PCT

  1. Question not sure what weeks to take active xtreme or 6-oxo during PCT

    *activate, TYPO*

    first off, Nolva (no brainer). running epistane 5 weeks. i was gonna use DS activate xtreme, lean xtreme, and 6-oxo. however in not sure where to place 6-oxo or DS activate xtreme. would 6-oxo fit better at the end of PCT or beginning. Same thing with activate xtreme, beginning or end? thanks.

  2. check out "otc pct", plenty of guidance.

    what was your cycle?

  3. ive glanced at it before, but after fulling reading it seems slightly biased to anabolic innovation products. however it is a very good standard to pct. thanks for showing that to me.

  4. I just finished epi . . .
    wk1- Nolva, PCS
    wk 2-nolva, PCS, Activate
    wk 3-nolva, PCS, Activate
    wk 4-nolva, PCS, Activate

    I dont use 6oxo but most will toss it in on wk 3 with decreasing doses

  5. thank you sir. ive got it all figured/planned out. thanks again.



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