Phera-Mass PCT

  1. Phera-Mass PCT

    I have a 40 Day cycle planned at 3 pills a day spread out throughout my meals. I have a liver support all setup. Now on the PCT is where I am struggling.

    Guys over at are any rate

    I am thinking Nolvadex and Lean Xtreme...but at what dosage rate should I run the Nolvadex or do I need to at all? I know that I do need a PCT and I DO plan on doing one regardless, just wanted to know what is necessary to take and to not take.

    Disclaimer: yes I am sorta a noob about this stuff and this is why I am asking questions...with that said thanks all for your help in advance.

    Plus, I am not sure where to get one other than a prescription which I have no idea how much that'll cost

  2. 6 weeks is to long more so for a newbie. Nolva 20/20/20/20 and Post Cycle Support 2 caps a.m. and p.m. keep the cycle to 4 weeks what are your support supps?
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  3. Yes you need the Nolva. I like the dose PB suggested. I also like the idea of running Lean X as a cort control. Very important imo. What are you running for liver, blood pressure and lipid control?

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