MMv2 pct help

  1. MMv2 pct help

    Im going to be coming off of a MMv2 cycle and I had planned Formadrol extreme and LG's Psarm for my PCT is that a good enough pct? and somebody told me that I may want to take some DHEA during my pct? some insight would be great!

  2. not too familiar with mmv2, but even w/ an otc pct, a serm should be on hand. dhea isnt the greatest for pct seeing as how its suppresive. if its for cort control tho, 50mg/ed starting wk3 would be my suggestion

  3. o, and its good to have these things straight before even starting a cycle

  4. While having a serm on hand is always smart with the serious designers, MMV2 is rather mild and a PCT of Formadrol/Psarm fits very well. You can also use DHEA in PCT but keep the doses minimal as this can cause shutdown as stated before.

    Good luck bro!
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  5. have those laying around...but have time to order if i had to. I think im set tho...not going to do dhea at all. I do have some lean extreme left over from previous cycle...maybe finish that up

  6. Thanks for the help guys~!

  7. Chicago, how were the results of the MMV2 and what dosing were you using?
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  8. really good, dry and i definatly lost some BF%. Im waiting to finish totally before i calculate everything. I am doing a 3 dosage and upping in to 5 in weeks 4 and 5

  9. Have you noticed any aggression with it?
    Always open light. Itís not what you open with, itís what you finish with. Louie Simmons


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