Poll: Did you USE a SERM for your PCT?

How many have actually USED their SERM for PCT?

  1. How many have actually USED their SERM for PCT?

    Well in my great quest for knowledge and to not grow big boobs and have my nuts implode and turn into a vagina, I am just curious as to how many people, who "Have a SERM on hand just in case", have actually had to use it in their PCT?

    I know the "why's" as to having it, and have found a literal ****-ton of places to order the stuff, but as to wether or not I'll get what I'm supposed to is hard to tell.

    So if you would just share the info of having HAD to use it or not, it would be appreciated....

    Oh, and if it isn't too much to ask, if you DID use your SERM, please put what your original cycle was, PCT, etc......Thanks!!
    True story:

    I give a f**K!!

  2. havent had to use it yet...have run 4 cycles..

  3. ALWAYS...just to varying degrees (sometimes very low dosage.)

    By the time symptoms start, they will be MUCH harder to stop/reverse.
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