pct problem with gyno

  1. pct problem with gyno

    hey guys. im going to start my pct tomorrow. my pct was planned to go like this:

    for the first 3 weeks 1,500iu hcg 3x a week + 100mg clomid ED + 20mg nolva ED.
    for the next 3 weeks 50mg clomid ED + 20mg nolva ED.

    the problem is i started to develop gyno on my right nipple, used nolva after finishing my cycle, and before my pct. starting from 20mg ED going up to 40mg(desprate). i knew i had to use letrozole (femara), but i couldn't get my hands on it, for some weird reason no one had it!. and just today i got my letro.

    i know hcg will make my gyno worse, and nolva does nothing to reverse it. so how can i use these four(nolva,clomid,hcg and letro) to do a proper pct and fight this gyno?

    my cycle was 12 weeks test e +11 weeks deca and now im exactly 13 days away from my last test shot.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.


  2. Well u shoulda started hCG 5-7 days after last shot 1000-2000 iu e3d for 5 shots. U can use it with .5mg letro e3d as well due to potency. And then clomid nolva after ur shots of hCG are over

  3. deca increases prolatcin so it can be progestin gino

    what doses?

    my sugestions: bromociptine/dostinex/cabaser//norprolac/

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