Optimal PCT for EQ and Sustanon

  1. Optimal PCT for EQ and Sustanon

    Based on taking last shot of these two longer acting compounds, when would I want to start administering PCT, and in what manner? THings I have on hand:

    scripts for: nolvadex, raloxifene( used during cycle for gyno), toremifene, letro, arimidex and aromasin. Also have HCG, though have been dosing throughout ala Swale's protocol at 350 ius every 3rd day throughout....any help is appreciated guys, as this is one area I have lost handle on how to end properly...thank you

  2. if you have been running hcg throughout cycle your pct should be very easy...eq is one of my favorite compounds..have done 3 test/eq cycles so far.people have alot of different ideas on when to start pct with long compounds like eq and sus...i go with 18 days...but that is just me and what works for me...i continue hcg every 3-4days up to 10-14 days before pct ...i always up the hcg dose a lil bit...maybe 500iu to keep you anabolic ...i'm no expert bro..just the way i do it

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