miscalculated servings for post cycle support

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    miscalculated servings for post cycle support

    i took my first cycle with trenadrol a month ago.
    I purchased post cycle support and made a mistake.
    I was talking 2 pills a day instead of the four for the first week and a half. I dont know why i thought the bottle had 30 servings, it has 60 servings (2 pills=1serving)

    After i noticed my mistake i started taking the four.

    Any ways my post cycle month is over and i have around 18 or so pills left.

    My libido levels came back around the third week.

    I also took nolvadex for three weeks then inhibit e for the last week.

    My question is do i finish the bottle of post cycle support or should i save the pills?


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    Hey Ondaslab.

    Great to hear things went so well!

    You can either save the capsules or continue taking them at 2 caps in the AM and 2 in the PM. I also serves as a great natural test booster with no need for support sups nor pct.
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    I would just finish the bottle. You are right the bottle is confusing as it states :serving size: 2 caps, 1 serving provides......

    It should say serving size 4 caps, servings 30. Either way no harm done.
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    I agree finish it. It will continue boosting test and it also is a great antioxidant. Glad all went well bro
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