liq. dex dropper??

  1. liq. dex dropper??

    on the dropper it says .25.-1 ml

    How much is .25 mg on the dropper??


  2. about 2 inches from the very bottom of dropper

  3. green and clear right?

  4. so .25 mg is basically the whole dropper?

  5. ya or half way twice just eyeball it or use a syringe if u want to be exact then squirt it in the dropper so u no where to fill it up 2 time

  6. yea im on..i been just filling it up and doing it like that ...

  7. i hope im correct w/ dosage

  8. the dosage is rigt id b more worried bout the potency research chems arnt always 100%

  9. Drop by the pharmacy and get an oral syringe, they will give you one for free. Then you can be sure of what you are ingesting.

  10. i use medicin dropper


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