chem research liqui-nolva or pharm grade pill form?

  1. chem research liqui-nolva or pharm grade pill form?

    I am about to order my pct and i was wondering if anyone has used liquid nolva for reasearch purpose and pharm grade nolva in pill form and which is better or if they are the same? i do realize the issues and chances of research grade supps to put into my body but are they usually safe overall? I don't really want to risk ordering without a perscription, I need a serm for My pct....i will be running tren extreme for 6 weeks. any help?

  2. I've used research nolva and didn't have an issue. I'm using it ths time too. It's not fool proof but here's the thing: Tamox is so rediculously cheap to make, it doesn't make sense to scam; 2) the top research sourcs have carve out a nice business for themselves that would be vaporized overnight if they hurt somoene or scammed.

    I think you're good. The only real problem I see is variablilyt in dosing but with Tamox/clomid, that's not a huge issue. Now, For something like Clen, I might be more inclined to get script stuff but, even there, lts of guys use RC's.

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