Using Partial bottles clomid and torm for mdrol pct?

  1. Using Partial bottles clomid and torm for mdrol pct?

    I have 2 weeks of each and would like to use up.Would there be a problem with using them for a 4 week pct for M-drol?(2 weeks each) If so would you use the torm first and what dosing for each? If not I'll just get some more clomid. Yhe torem really seemed not as effective last cycle.

  2. I would use the clomid then torem EOD changing.... they both have extremely long half lives and you can still get to benifit from them both well this way... at least thats just my opinion.

  3. Most people use Clomid for the first couple of weeks. I say use the clomid ED and maybe the Torem EOD until the Clomid is gone. Then run the Torem everyday until it's gone.

  4. Thanks for the advice guys

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