is this going to work for pct

  1. is this going to work for pct

    I got my cycle planned out, but now i am getting my pct in line. How about Novedex-xt and clomed is that going to work ok. Also does any one know if that Inhibit-e is any good. If thats will work , whats a good cycle.
    Iam going to stack p-plex and m-drol(bridge).

  2. novedex-xt and inhibit-e both have ATD is them, so i would see no need to combine them. also the "clomed" is a rip off SERM. you need a real SERM for this cycle. what support supps. are you planning on running. these two compounds are very harsh on the liver, lipids, blood pressure and other things.

  3. this is a very strong cycle and a serm is a must!!

  4. Ok guys i guess i didnt do my homework well enough. What is a good pct , for p-plex with m-drol bridge. Taken full support supps. for cycles.
    Thanks guys

  5. use the search option at the top of the screen. use the advanced search option to narrow your results. personally i would search for either p-plex or m-drol, then, just search in the post cycle section. you are going to find alot of logs covering this topic. A Lot of them.

  6. Why run both of these stacked? Your asking for alot of really bad side effects. M-drol and P-plex are plenty potent enough run solo. I see no need to do this and you also mention nothing of what you will run for support supps.
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  7. Definitely need a SERM young blood.


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