novedex xt, or 6 oxo, plus divanex

  1. novedex xt, or 6 oxo, plus divanex

    Hi guys, I've posted before, and am posting again. Due to some previously stated hormonal issues, my sex drive/ test levels are naturally sluggish, I'm considering the following stack

    an ATD such as novodex xt or 6 oxo, plus zma, plus dvanex.

    I would be taking 4 pills nightly of the novdex, plus 3 pills of the ZMA, and 2 of Divanex in the am, and 2 in the pm. I'm also taking epmdium standardized for 20% icarrin 2 pills twice a day, plus forslean twice a day. Thoughts?

  2. I dunno about in PCT but i have ran both 6 oxo and ATD and ATD made my libido stay the same or go down and 6 oxo made me pop wood 24/7 and i was always looking to ****

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  3. I'm thinking of doing 6 oxo, 2 pills a day, Divanex 4 pills a day, ActivaTE extreme 2 pills a day, and Epimedium (20% Icarrin) 4 pills a day, plus ZMA. Thoughts anyone?

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