Letro and pct advice please.

  1. Letro and pct advice please.

    Okay, let me start off by saying that all of this comes down to lack of research and me being a dumbass. I just recently completed a 4 week cycle of Havoc, a. to try to get rid of some small gyno issues and b. to gain size. I did a little reading on it before starting but not enough to know what it was that I was actually getting into. For the most part on cycle, all symptoms of my gyno issues disappeared. I had good gains and strength went through the roof. I dosed it at 20/30/30/30. The last day of my cycle, my gyno flared up bad. Nipples started to hurt and the puffiness was very appearent. I jumped on Letro (no other supporting supps besides creatine) as PCT as soon as I noticed the symptons occur. I've been running what a friend dosed for me which should be about 1mg a day (one pill cut in half) everyday for 26 days now. I've actually kept all of my size and strength, and maybe even gained some. So far, no real difference in size/shape of the gyno problems but the soreness is gone. I've decided to just do surgery after this and be done with it. I'm going to do the natural route and be done with PH's. I've noticed a change in libido (which I've read is normal with letro), but what is weird to me is the size of my testes fluctuate. Some days they seem like they are coming back to normal size and others they seem to have shrunk again. I am going to start Nolva within' the next couple of days. Should a protocol of 20/20/10 be enough maybe with a test booster (MassFX) tapered in to help with getting everything back to normal? Any advice/opinion that could help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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