Help me, I'm going crazy!!!

  1. Unhappy Help me, I'm going crazy!!!

    Hi all, I just came off about a 4week pulse cycle of Epistane, and im currently starting week 3 of my pct with 6-oxo extreme. So far everything is going okay, with the exception of reading these post from everyone about getting gyno. I have had puffy nipps since forever, and I don't think my cycle has done any damage, but lately when i work out, i noticed that my nips are leaving little sweat dots on my shirt. I can squeeze my nips, but nothing comes out, and when i do the gyno test i don't feel any lumps. But lately after reading so many post about Gyno and how everyone is having to use SERMS instead of over the counter products like AI Post Cycle and 6-oxo extreme, I am caught at a point where i don't know if i should jump on the band wagon or just finish up what im doing now. My paranoia is also making me squeeze my nips and check for gyno so much that now my nips are getting sore, and i don't know what is the problem, is it me doing this to myself, or is gyno trying to form, and why are my nips leaving sweat marks on my shirt during my work outs now, is it just sweat or am i leaking, I have no clue? Also where do i get the needed SERMs if i do go that route. Please give me some advice, I'm driving myself crazy, I used to love this site, but now when i log on, i just do a search for gyno and spend hours reading threads thinking i have it, then i don't have it, and maybe im going to get it after i finish my pct, help me out please, i want to be able to start back reading all the cool stuff on this site, and not just doing gyno searches.

  2. I highly doubt you got gyno from a pulse if your really concerned see a doctor. Best of luck bro
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