Best anti-aromatase to stack with Nolvadex? Opinions wanted.

  1. Best anti-aromatase to stack with Nolvadex? Opinions wanted.

    Looking for a strong anti-aromatase to taper with my nolvadex, but one that won't contribute to a rebound when I come off the two of them.

    I heard aromasin was the best choice because of it being a suicide inhibitor, but then I've heard even suicide inhibitors like ATD can cause rebound. So I'm seeking feedback.


  2. I'm looking into the same thing, theres a supplement called DIM that I was looking at and its even suppose to balance Est/Test levels. Its consider an AI. Then there is 6 OXO and the substance Reversatol from grapes. My guess is as good as yours? Sorry if I added more questions to your question.

  3. Not a problem at all man. I'm using 6 oxo right now, but I was curious mostly if there were any stronger ones that reduce estrogen strongly but don't cause any rebound after discontinuing both the Nolva and AI.

  4. I think your question might have answered mine for me. I plan on doing a H-Drol/Epistane cycle soon and eventually H-Drol/Bold cyc
    I was looking for the best OTC PCT. Besides the rest of my PCT I'm going to run DIM as my AI for the first two weeks and if everything is good I'll stick with it. Any sign of a problem and I'll throw 6 OXO in.

  5. OTC PCT Guide ...

    this is a good read and will give ya great ideas to answer your questions
    CURRENT 2014 Log

  6. Thanks smshannon001. However when I took products that had resveratrol and quercetin in it, I got worse bloating and major gas (which to be honest are the things we wish to AVOID and actually are trying to combat on PCT's)
    Not saying they don't work for others. Perhaps its the agonistic properties of the resv. that causes this.
    Hence why I'm looking into something that can reduce circulating estrogen in the system to a stronger degree, but won't cause a rebound effect.

    I heard Aromasin was great for this.

  7. DIM is so weak that its not even worth buying IMO, maybe ok in a stand alone non-hormonal cycle. I would not use this in a PCT as the primary estrogen control ever. PCS is not an AI, it will not reduce systemic estrogen effects like bloating. For PCT the OTC AI I would use is 6-oxo or go for one of the grey area AIs like Anastrozole or Letrozole. Do not use ATD it kills too much estrogen and is a anti-androgen. Do not use 6-bromo, the alpha isomer binds to androgen receptors just like steroids, this is like using a steroid for PCT.

  8. Great post, Nolbandet102! Few questions though. What do you mean by a "grey area" AI? What makes the anastrozole and letro grey area? Also I had read that when taken with a SERM like Nolva (which I will be using), that the effectiveness is reduced. Is this right?

    What's your take on aromasin Nolbandet102? Since its a suicide inhibitor and works well with Nolva, would that be a good option? That is, if I can find an affordable source for the aroma lol)

  9. I said grey area because they can be obtained "legally" as research chemicals. Personally I don't feel that the interaction between a SERM and letro is all that much of a big deal. People get way to over analytical with things like that. However if you are worried about it, aromasin is great and works just as well as the aforementioned AIs.

  10. Awesome. Thanks man.

  11. Found this quote from PA regarding 6-oxo....

    "Contrary to testosterone levels, changes in estradiol levels were slight but not statistically significant. The explanation for this is simple. 6-OXO acts to inhibit the aromatase enzyme and block the conversion of testosterone to estradiol. A consequence of this is a signal from the brain to increase production of testosterone to compensate for the blocked estradiol production. As testosterone levels increase, so do estradiol levels since more substrate has now become available for the aromatase enzyme. Basically, what has occurred is the establishment of a new baseline level of testosterone to maintain the body's normal levels of estradiol.
    This sort of hormonal response is very desirable. It is probably not healthy to lower estradiol levels below the physiologically normal range, so if we are able to raise testosterone without lowering estradiol this is great! Mind you, we don't know what will happen if doses over 600mg a day are ingested. It could be that at higher dosages the aromatase inhibition becomes too great for increased testosterone production to overcome. In that case, a more dramatic lowering of estradiol will be seen. This is something that we probably want to avoid, at least for any longer than the short term."

    For someone like me who wants to eliminate the excess estradiol in my system that I got from the last rebound, this is not ideal LOL.

    Hence me wanting seeking out a new AI like Aromasin.


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