A President for America, Not for Hollywood

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    So the 63 years mccain lived before that just all got washed away over the last 8 years? I guess by that same token you can say obama is unvotable as he spent half of his only federal position campaigning for the next one, and not fullfilling his duties as senator...

    And who cares about bin laden? What attacks on US soil has he made since 9-11? Finding him would be martyring him, letting him die from kidney failure in a cave doesn't carry the same mystique.

    Yeah it's real obvious, you drank the Kool Aid. I don't care, show me him dead. He can be no more in death than he is to his followers in life.

    Personally, I like John McCain, If I were Republican I would have voted for him against Bush in 2000 however, ever since he got the nomination this year he has done nothing but pander to the ideology that is already in place in the White House. btw, we already had a real Hollywood president in Ronald Reagan. Though I didn't agree with a lot of his policies, I can't hate. He was probably the most effective president in modern times.


  2. The ignorance of modern Americans is going to get Obama elected, and they will rue that day four years from now when they are worse off. But it'll be change, like he promises.

    And I noticed this thread is another one plagued with Bush bashing by a few ill educated individuals.

    I wonder how many of those that back Obama so blindly have ever even had a basic economics course? Or maybe even read an economics book on their own?

  3. lets not forget the major difference between these two. we are going in to iraq to do what? george bush SR's senior advisors told them to expect a bloodbath occupying baghdad. so we are bringing democracy to a place that doesn't want it? thats a democratic way of doing things..... honestly guys, this is not how we want to project ourselves internationally.

    secondly, we seem to be turning our sights on iran. does anyone know what will happen if the iranian president looks over to pakistan and N. korea and says "you're next, why don't we just get together now?" hello WW3.

    i don't think we should ever turn and run with our tails between our legs, but damn, we knew better than to FORCE SOMEONE TO ACCEPT DEMOCRACY. thats the most hypocritical thing i've ever heard.

    thirdly, we can't even take care of the injured troops that come home. remember "gulf syndrome"? the one where we were exposed to chemical weapons when we blew up a supply depot? the pentagons answer and i quote is "we have no indication that the iraqi's ever used chemical munitions against us". never mind we blew up the depot ourselves, we just decided that if someone got permanently injured, screw em - its their fault they signed up. under that policy, i'm all for bringing them home where at least there's someone here that gives a crap about them. at least when i was in bosnia, the army gave a crap if i got injured. now there's so many dead, we just don't care.

    lastly, lets try and fix our own country before we mess with someone else's. does everyone know that there is a critical organ shortage in the U.S.? the only way to jump ahead of the line is to be a senator or president. but wait, there's another way to do it in california. its not your fault you're an alcoholic with a messed up liver - shoot the bartender and jump up on that list buddy - because according to california law, its illegal to kill someone with a preexisting medical condition. thats right, death row took the organs your grandma was waiting for. yep, lets tell another country why this makes sense, then shoot them if they disagree. that way, if we go to jail for shooting them, we'll always have organs...

    oh, one more point. doesn't matter who gets elected if the terrorists really want to screw us up. if obama or mccain win, and get shot before he is sworn in, then who is president? the running mate would be vice president elect, and so would not be him. thankfully our constitution has an answer in place - the current president is still president - the term - life in office. argh...

  4. Have you guys heard Obama speak w/o a written speech or teleprompter?

    "Uh...I um''

    He gave a 45 minute interview the other day (while in Germany I think) and it has almost 8 minutes of uh's and um's.

    In other words, if someone doesn't write it down for him, he's clueless.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by atjnutrition2 View Post
    It's funny to me how everyone blames all their problems on Bush. Forget the fact that people bought more expensive homes than they could afford and they knew it when they bought them. Somehow it's the President's fault that they overspent. Average household credit card debt has been on the rise for years. Now that the bill is coming due, it's the President's fault that he won't bail them out. Whatever happened to living within your means? When are people going to stand up and take responsibility for their lives instead of blaming others? If you want to change your life, go and change it. Don't sit around the house complaining about how bad things are and blaming it on someone else. Make the necessary sacrifices and do something about it in order to better your situation.
    Well put!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by QUICKRYDE View Post
    ... "McCain" is part of the "BUSH CAMP"...
    This is just NOT true.
    Just cause McCain's a Republican does not mean he's of the same "camp".

    You're old enough to remember Carter aren't you?
    Remember the days of Interest Rates through the roof, recession, taxes, lines at the gas pump...
    (History doesn't lie. Google "Historical interest rates" and look what happened in the "Carter days". Then look what happened when Reagan stepped in.)

    Well that's what you'll see with Obama if put in office. They have the same political views! SCARY!
    You think gas prices are high now?

  7. [youtube]h2M8nX0_bp4[/youtube]


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