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What Would Your Ideal Government Be?

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    What Would Your Ideal Government Be?

    Mine: I would like to see a Very Liberal Democratic Capitalistic society where the government controls money circulation (no drickle down theory). Without going into detail it would circulate money better, narrow the gap between the poor and the rich (would not make the rich even middle class for people who get antsy with that statement), and provide government funded education and basic health care to all Americans.

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    That which governs least.

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    I'm a bit of a mix...I like the idea of the government staying out of my business. If anything I'm doing isn't hurting anyone else, then leave me alone. However, I also believe that if you cause harm to another, then you deserve harsh punishment.


    I think they should legalize all drugs...every single one of them. But, if someone does something (robs, steals, etc) to geth the drugs, then the punishment is instant death. So, if you are found guilty of it, you are taken outside and a bullet is made to enter your forehead. But, my plan is two fold...all of the millions of dollars that are spent on the DARE programs is cut by 99%. The dead bodies are dumped into a mass grave and some lye is thrown on them, when it's time to teach kids about drugs you bus them in, unload them next to the grave, point at the bodies and tell them "This is what happens if you do drugs". Load them back on the bus and the DARE education is completed.

    So, if you are a responsible adult and not causing a menace to society, you should be left alone, but if you're out being a turd, then you serve no purpose and should be taken out of your misery.

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