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  1. Letter to Congressman

    This is something I sent to my congressman awhile ago, without a real response back. It is getting more and more important as time goes on, so thought I would share with you all. You can copy and paste, and send to your own congressman if you find it to be impacting your life as well.


    I would like to start by pointing out that the address I listed is where I am registered to vote. I am actually serving my country overseas in the United States Air Force, and am currently stationed in Europe.

    This is the first of several letters I will be writing to inquire about issues that are of extreme importance to me, my family, and the United States of America.

    I would like to start by asking what your opinion is on the Cash-Flow-Accounting system that congress is currently allowed to operate under. For starters it is my understanding that any business that uses a similar accounting method would be subject to extreme legal ramifications, yet you and your co-reprehensive continue to operate by this method despite the long term economic ramifications to our nation.

    Sir, we are currently the largest debtor nation in the history of the world. The preposterous notion that we can somehow grow ourselves out of the deficit and national debt is a smokescreen that is not based on logic. First of all, that entails double digit economic growth for many, many years! This type of growth is rarely seen in any nation that is not breaking into the beginning of industrialization! We are long past anything near that scale in our country.

    Second, if we were to actually pay our debt off, because of our government debt based currency the money supply would be reduced to 0. As I am sure you understand, if the United States debt was reduced to $0 there would not be one single American Dollar left on the face of the earth. Therefore any talk of eliminating the debt is merely a grand hoax perpetrated to convince the public that down the road we will exercise some form of fiscal responsibility. As you and I both know, this is impossible to do without decreasing the money supply in an already fragile economy; I am asking that you begin working to bring this to light.

    I would like to ask why you have not joined with Representative Paul, in recognizing that the Federal Government and the American people should not be paying interest to a private organization (the Federal Reserve) to print and loan us the money to continue operating our government. At what point do we abandon the preposterous notion that a private banking organization cannot be trusted to operate with the best interests of the United States in mind?

    As various books, movies and pamphlets have exposited much clearer than I can; the value of our dollar has been continually debased over the last 100 years. Coincidently from the time the Federal Reserve was created. The evidence is well documented, and you can easily research the fact that we now have a dollar worth (by my estimation) in the neighborhood of 2500% less than a Dollar in 1914. The current dollars purchasing power sits at about $0.04 when compared to its relative. When reversed, that equates to over a thousand percent inflation since the inception of the Federal Reserve!

    How can congress (you) continue to support a system that has quite obviously failed to do what it was "designed" to accomplish from the start. In fact after accounting for inflation, the minimum wage increase that was recently passed by congress still amounts to an overall loss in purchasing power, thanks to the many bubbles and reckless monetary creation by the Federal Reserve! Again this is authorized by congress who continues to benefit from increased revenue without increased taxation!

    I would like to add that debasing our currency is strictly forbidden in the United States Constitution. The Amendment specifically states that the punishment for such a crime is death. I am personally a supporter of this amendment, as I support the constitution in its entirety (as I have proven by taken up arms for it). I was wondering if you believe that this Amendment to the Constitution should be enforced, and how you would recommend to your co-representatives that we bring ourselves back into compliance with this policy.

    Next, I was wondering if you are aware of who currently owns/governs the Federal Reserve. I have been curious for many years as to why there has not been an Audit of the Federal Reserve System, or the current gold in Fort Knox. That Gold belongs to the United States citizens and not the Federal Reserve (who currently has the authorization to manage it). We have a right to know exactly how much remains, and how much has been taken.

    Sir, while I understand that these are difficult questions to answer, we have elected our representatives and given you the power to protect our interests. I fear that a time is soon coming when we will no longer be able to change the course that has been set in motion. It is possible that this congress may be the last who are physically able to destroy the great machine that is devouring our wealth through massive inflation.

    I encourage you Sir to do a study on the real CPI. To forbid the Federal Reserve from removing items from the 'basket of goods' that they use to determine inflation. I beg you to adjust the real inflation numbers based on the items we spend the majority of our money on Fuel, Food and Housing... all items which are not heavily weighted in the current CPI calculation.

    I beg you to hold the Federal Reserve accountable, and not continue subsidizing an organization that has continually failed to do the one thing it was created to... the one thing no private organization can be trusted to. Manage the creation of money for a nation with the nations; indeed the citizen's best interest at heart. A private company, such as the Federal Reserve can only be trusted to do what is in the best interest of the Federal Reserve. As they have proven: that is to debase the currency and continue printing, and thereby collecting interest on, as much money as possible!

    The current housing bubble and collapse is just another example of the Federal Reserves failure to manage our money supply. Reckless credit policy has created an America gorged by cheap money that can no longer afford to pay the bill. Americans are strapped with home loans they can never repay, and credit card bills that will strangle them to death. Last weeks release of 60+ billion into the economy will settle into another round of crippling inflation that will go unreported. The Dow will once again break new records as the infusion of new cash pushes stock prices higher and higher. The housing market may make a short rebound as rates were temporarily cut. In the end, the purchasing power of the DOW will continue to decline (as it has continually for the last 5 years). Is that not by definition inflation? We are breaking financial records, yet able to buy less and less.

    As a voting citizen these things are more important to me than any foreign policy, any social programs and any medical/educational benefits. I believe that these issues will define the future of our nation, and ultimately bring us to ruin if not corrected. I encourage you to explore these ideas that I am presenting. Talk to members of congress, specifically Representative Paul who is far more educated on these matters than I. Propose a Full Audit of the Federal Reserve! Tell the American people how much gold is in Fort Knox. Help us abolish the system that is eroding every Americans savings and jeopardizing our future, and the very future of our nation!

    I look forward to hearing your response soon!

    The Historic PES Legend

  2. try sending it via registered mail so someone has to sign for it.

  3. That is awesome man...truly awesome. I read it three times. Either you have natural writing talent, or you have had a lot of down time in the last couple of weeks. Either way, well done. I am getting so tired of voting against candidates that I am almost ready to vote for a Ron Paul...but not quite.

    I am quietly awaiting the call from Victor Davis Hanson, telling me the plan to reclaim Washington.

  4. I almost forgot.

    Thank you for your service to me, our country and to The Constitution of The United States.

  5. Great post, if you ever get a reply let us know. Also do you know of any good books that relate to our nation's economic struggle and how we got there?



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