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Are you a Democrat or Republican???

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Iron Warrior View Post
    I'm fiscally conservative and socially liberal. I don't know what phuckin party that is but that's what I believe in
    That's one of, if not THE, fundamental libertarian position statement.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by PumpingIron View Post
    Yea...I'm not registered to any party...

    ...but most of the time I vote Republican, as I hold a somewhat similar viewpoint as them, just a little on the left side. Plus I'm a middle class, white male
    Middle Class white males do not have a party.

    Democrats hate anyone above the poverty line.
    Republicans hate anyone below the top 2%.

    Republicans by and large have treated me well as a result (me being in the top 2%), but I don't like their spending policies as of late. Makes me want to do all my business in Euros instead of US Dollars.

    I also don't like how Republicans lately have become the party of personal interference; i.e. trying to write laws that govern how we live our personal lives. Government has no place in personal life, especially federal government.

  3. Bush and Detroit's mayor, Kwami (spelled wrong - who cares) should be on the same side. Atleast you know you can't believe sh!t that comes out of anyone of their mouths.

    The dollar is strong. HAHAHAHA Oh, and unemployment is down - Gas won't be 4$ a gallon - we didn't fu@k

    4000 dead in Iraq from a bull sh!t madeup war - tax dollars can ALWAYS be used to bailout the big corporations that helped cause the current economic climate (Corporations love Capitalism untill their asses are in a sling, then they want Socialism style bailouts by way of the taxpayer) but NOT help homeowners, and unless you're on the friends and family plan, you won't get a job from neither one of these administrations ; Haliburton moved to Dubya, so good luck getting a job with them. Now "that's" the American way.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by spatch View Post
    The citizens of America. I don't see how paying taxes to pay for medical care is that big a deal. I mean are we that cold hearted that we wont pay taxes to heal the sick? I realize that helping people may not be a "traditional" value, no offence intended.

    Keep in mind after you pay the taxes you will no longer have to pay for health insurance.
    At least you have the money to run several trillion dollar fleet and seemingly enough money to invade half the world.
    How much is a gun fired by a trooper 12k miles away and an intelligent bomb, fired by an stealth bomber, opposed to some medical powder, a bed and a nurse in the USA?

    And how much is safed, when treating not only until it´s too late, but as early as possible according to the best possibilities?

  5. Plus, the minimum regulatory policy of the conservatives led to the fact, that big enterprises can charge 80$ / per IU growth hormone instead of the price that´s charged in south america or other countries...

    but this is coming to an end in these countries soon because of OECD, America and the world wide conspiracy of the global players(if not they´d be forced mby military and cut-off tradings, like mexico already is with it´s effort on liberal drug-policies and ethanol production from korn):
    http://www1.oecd.org/daf/mai/pdf/ng/ng987r1e.pdf -See site 13, and wait for your AAS, Supplement and hormones to vanish completely, or skyrocketing in prices and/or inavailability of self-medication because of world-wide forced patent-applications and see yourself being prosecuted world wide by an international co-ordinated policeforce, when one´s getting or even just tryin´ getting his hands on it, more than that, skyrocketing taxes and health-insurances oboli.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by BodyWizard View Post
    The Libertarians are IMO even more useless, since they are too pure to actually try to achieve office - hell, they can't even hang on to their own agenda. Nitwits like Boortz and basket cases like the neo-cons have managed to define themselves as Libertarians without any noticeable complaint from any real libertarians, and they've managed to redefine for the public what libertarians believe - hell, I've heard *Mike Savage* called a libertarian.

    As long as corporations have the same rights, privileges and freedoms as real people, nothing's going to change for the better.
    I'm a Libertarian -- I served as a delegate to the national convention -- and I completely agree with you about the party's poor track record. The insistence on idealogical purity leaves us with mostly dweeby or questionable candidates (as Harry Browne turned out to be). We can only hope that the socially blase' and practical-minded style of libertarianism you find with a lot of tech people will eclipse the uptight Randian style we've had for 35 years.

    And yes, the corporate veil can be a really dangerous piece of legal fiction. No doubt. Watch the documentary "Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room" sometime...

    By the way: Anyone who believes that adults have the right to decide what goes into their own bodies is a libertarian on one issue, at least. When's the last time you heard a Democrat or Republican say, "I trust my constituents to look after their own health responsibly"? Much less, "My constituents can ingest whatever makes them feel good and it's none of my damn business"?

  7. Party politics has left a sour taste in my mouth. It reminds me of football teams, and their fans. I prefer not being labeled, and instead be a free thinker.

  8. Politically my views would be considered that of a libertarian.

    At this point it doesn't matter who wins the Presidency, this country is fooked in a big way. My only hope is that there will be enough competant people to rebuild our REPUBLIC from the ashes.

    Its either that or hello North American Union, next stop a "Utopian" World Government

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Chad View Post
    no he`s not satan. he isn`t smart enough to be.


    Why insult Satan like that?

  10. two sides of the same coin.

    both terms are used very loosely i presume. since demo's and rep's actually died in the 80's...........

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Kristofer68SS View Post
    two sides of the same coin.

    both terms are used very loosely i presume. since demo's and rep's actually died in the 80's...........
    very true, now it is just conservative and liberal and those lines are being blurred as well

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  12. I am a conservative, most republicans these days in the house and senate are moderates.

  13. I don't think of myself as a Democrat. It seems like the lines between the groups are getting very mixed up to the point it gets confusing. I don't like having the two groups anyways because it seems like it binds people too much to think a certain way. I have conservative views on some issues, but for the most part I am very liberal.

    Also I don't see why Socialist, Communists, and Fascist aren't options.

  14. I think people get the wrong idea of a more socialistic or communists society. People think they are these corrupted, ******* governments where they take all your money and tell you what you can say or can't because of people like Stalin and Mao. The system works to stabalize a country, the problem is the people who run it and there lies your problem. And you can have a democratic communism for those of you who don't know.

  15. Participatory Economics For the Win.

    Let the citizens of the country... run the country.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by Vermonta View Post

    Also I don't see why Socialist, Communists, and Fascist aren't options.
    Are you just playing stupid or are you for real?
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  17. Quote Originally Posted by bpmartyr View Post
    Are you just playing stupid or are you for real?
    You can't be a socialist or a communist? Just because it is not mainstream does not mean there are not people out there that support that type of government.

  18. Quote Originally Posted by Vermonta View Post
    You can't be a socialist or a communist? Just because it is not mainstream does not mean there are not people out there that support that type of government.
    I guess you really are that stupid. This is a Democratic Republic, don't like it, then leave. Plenty of European countries with your ideals just waiting to take you in.
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  19. democrat bro!

  20. Libertarian

  21. Not to get off topic but I just saw Peter Griffin (Family Guy) at the Convention wearing a Elephant hat.



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