PA gets to explain himself on HBO tonight

  1. PA gets to explain himself on HBO tonight

    Got an email last night stating that Bob Costas is interviewing PA in his lab about BALCO tonight 10 PM eas/ 9 PM central. May be a good story for our kind.
    My The 1 LOG:

  2. ..can someone please record this and upload it??? as alas I have no HBO....

  3. Yeah someone upload it please.


    i'M THERE

  5. Quote Originally Posted by texxlnghorn View Post

    i'M THERE
    It's July.

  6. For those interested,

    If and when this shows up on P2P, good chance but probably not till Wednesday, I'll get it and put it up on a file hosting service with a link here for downloading.

    No promises, this is not Entourage or a Sopranos rerun.


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