Security and Prosperity Partnership

  1. Security and Prosperity Partnership

    Has anyone read up on this? The Wikipedia article is extremely biased in favor of it and generally only mentions a slight bit of the Canadian criticism, but not the criticism in the US. You can read some of the possible consequences here:

    Stop the SPP! -

    The website seems to have a nationalistic bias, but they raise some good points. Here are a couple of additional articles:

    Tom DeWeese -- Bush Administration in Denial of North American Union Plans

    WorldNetDaily: Bill paves way for Canada's 'disappearance'

    Looking at some of the projects the government is working on including the defeated amnesty bill, it seems almost like Canada and Mexico are turning into US colonies. IMO, the main motivations for this are to use the influx of immigrants for manpower, unite Canada and Mexico behind the US when it comes to international politics like UN resolutions, and make it easier to horde Canada's energy reserves. It seems good for business, but I could see this turning out to be a disaster for citizens.

  2. Hehe, that reminds me of the part in the Fallout backstory where the US annexed Canada.

  3. I gotta say this is some extreme Black Helicopter **** right here.

    Although the motto does sound like some kind of Commie slogan.

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