The Great Ethanol Myth !!!

  1. Thumbs up The Great Ethanol Myth !!!

    ********: THE GREAT ETHANOL MYTH ! ! !

    Unless of course you are a corn farmer !

  2. There is a movement afoot by the livestock folks (like Tyson) to reduce the amount of EtOH mandated to be blended into motor gasoline.

    This is driving up the price of feed for chickens, cattle, etc. And is driving up the price of those products. (We can see it with whey protein prices, I think.)

    We BB'ers should mobilize against this EtOH into mogas crap - it's really stupid. EtOH gets less miles per gallon and really isn't any better for the environment.

  3. Ok, ethanol combusts to produce CO2 and H2O. The theory of global warming (yes, theory) is based on the idea that CO2 is a 'greenhouse gas'. So by burning something with carbon in it (and assuming that global warming is real) we are not solving this matter.

    On another note. Ethanol-based gasolines (such as BP gas or E-85) are not only engine-corrosive, but significantly less fuel efficient (I think I remember hearing E-85 being 20% less mpg than standard unleaded). It's also only 10 cents (less than 5%) cheaper than regular 87 gasoline.

    In closing, ethanol-based fuels are not only more expensive (as costs per distance you can drive with it) and bad for your engine, but they really don't offer much of a solution from an environmental standpoint.........E-85 SUCKS!!!!!!

  4. It does get 20% less MPG than regular gas.

    It does nasty stuff to engines. Esp. some plastic components.

  5. Yep and Congress on both sides of the aisle is lining up with their agri-business greased palms to swing this crap into full production. We'll subsidize the heck out of this bad idea, drive our food prices up, and then leave ourselves competitively weaker in the world market while some other country comes up with a far superior mode of transport.

  6. I was just having this conversation with somebody yesterday. Did any of you guys see that four week special on Discovery, Future Cars? One one of the four episodes was all about future fuels. It was quite interesting.
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