Iraq - Where Does All The Money Go ???

  1. Thumbs down Iraq - Where Does All The Money Go ???


    Private military contractors like Halliburton/KBR,CACI and Blackwater are sucking up big profits from American tax dollars!

    A $75,000 truck gets a flat they don't get a new tire, they blow up the truck, list it as a loss and buy another $75,000 truck with Iraqi war funds!!!

  2. Or better yet, a stateside company with no bid contracts repainted govt equipment like forklifts and such, and claimed them as purchases towards the contract (ie. time and materials) THEN wrote them off on their taxes thus screwing us THREE different ways to Sunday.

    But hey, let's make supplements illegal because you and I need some oversight.

  3. The video listed above would be a great resource for anyone interested in this particular topic. Observe, the military industrial complex at work.

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