Still Don't Think American Litigation Is Out Of Control?

  1. Still Don't Think American Litigation Is Out Of Control?

    This one really got my blood boiling. I imagine the reaction will be the same for many on this board since there are a good deal of businesspeople here.

    This couple immigrated from S. Korea, worked their a** off for years, and here's what they got -- their lives ruined due to our "anything goes" legal system.

    Judge sues for $65 million over pants

  2. Hopefully in the end the Chungs will win out and that judge will be bagging groceries. Seems even his own kind are pissed at him.

  3. Wow, this guys a judge, he has/and or does judge people, affect peoples lives, pass sentence on people/cases that affect people, yet look at the judgement/conduct he displays.

    Any reasonable person would see this is blatent abuse of the system and his power ( intimate knowledge of the legal system/schooling)

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