Ford Motor Company "soldier Tribute"

  1. As much as I wanted to hate the commercial I couldn't. Cars are a big part of some people's lives and while this was Ford using their cars i've seen this too many times in one form or another. Buying a car for your child when you're proud of them is something i've done myself. Although it was a commercial i think it was a good one.

  2. Smile

    The cars were sweet. The thing that bothered me was, when the soldier first comes down the escalator, a little kid salutes him.

    The soldier totally left him hanging, no return salute, nothing!

    "Big-timed" by my hero, damn!

  3. You know I missed that part. At that point I was still waiting to see some blatent Ford advertising and hadn't let down my guard yet

  4. It's actually a touching little commercial.......but I couldn't help thinking that if Ford wants to salute the troops, they could give each returning veteran a voucher to buy a car at manufacturer cost.....not use the image of the troops to try and sell cars to the rest of us. My dad retired from a GM owned company and he gets such a voucher every other year.

  5. Good point YR.


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