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    First, what are your thoughts on Al Sharpton?
    Second, why do so many individuals seem to respect and listen to Al Sharpton?

  2. Who knows, he and Jessie Jackson are two of the biggest hypocrites out their. They push for Imus to be fired for saying Rutgers womens bball team are a bunch of ho's, but 90% of all rap songs demean women by calling them ho's and sluts. Why aren't they demanding justice from them. Not to mention Jessie Jackson is paying for the woman who LIED regarding Duke Lacrosse teams financial costs for college. Why aren't they paying for these 3 lacrosse players tuition, they were the ones victimized.

    Honestly it comes down to white people can't say anything offensive about any race, but all other races can demean white people and it's ok.

  3. My first thought is he needs a real job and a haircut LOL. I think he's just a bloodsucker who is more concerned with his financial and political gain above all else. Like bludevil said, if they were concerned about doing the right thing then they would have never spoken a word about the Duke La Crosse team because now they look like April fools.

    If Al Sharpton is worried about people using the word "ho" or "nappy headed ho" then why isn't he also going after gangsta rappers because they exploit the term a lot more then all other media outlets combined.

    IMO, people follow Sharpton because he says what others want to hear whether or not it's justified.

    Here's a great article by Jason Whitlock who takes on underlying issues brought to light from the Don Imus scandal | 04/11/2007 | Imus isn’t the real bad guy

  4. This article by Mike Adams sums up pretty well how I feel about Al.

    Al Sharpton: Nappy Headed Race Ho?

    As you can see from the title of this column, I’m not too crazy about Al Sharpton. There are a number of reasons for the dislike, which has finally spilled over in light of his recent insistence on the firing of Don Imus – although, for the record, I want it known:

    I don’t like Don Imus either!

    Radio personality Don Imus, left, and Rev. Al Sharpton appear face-to-face on Rev. Sharpton's radio show, in New York Monday April 9, 2007. Imus issued another apology for referring to the Rutgers women's basketball team as "nappy-headed hos" on his morning show last week. (AP Photo/Richard Drew) When the present controversy broke out, I was initially confused over which part of the phrase “nappy headed ho” had set Sharpton off. After all, two years ago at one of my speeches I was called a “Little Milky” by a Pakistani professor at Monmouth College in Illinois. Rather than calling for her to be fired, I just made fun of her in a very public way.

    After finding out that a fan of mine had recorded my speech – including the “Little Milky” remark - with a digital recorder, I transcribed and published the professor’s racist comment in a column. Next, I had a student post my column on her university’s electronic bulletin board so others – including her own students! - could make fun of her, too.

    But I never lost my sense of humor by slipping into a state of Sharpton-like faux outrage. In fact, I even adopted “Little Milky” as my new nickname on Facebook | Welcome to Facebook!. I’m not going to let the anti-white racism of this professor (whose name, by the way, is Dr. Farhat Haq, which is pronounced “Far Left Crock”) ruffle my little white tutu.

    Oh, and I almost forgot the best part. Al Sharpton, whose job it is to monitor racism, never came to my defense after I was victimized by the racial epithet. In fact, Sharpton doesn’t even know who I am. But we could change that in a second if I were to simply call Dr. Haq a “Little Brownie.”

    But because I am white and don’t hurl racial epithets, I’ll never meet Al Sharpton. And that’s enough for me to conclude that Al really isn’t opposed in principle to racism. He just selectively discusses it in order to get free stuff including, but not limited to, free media exposure.

    So, perhaps Al Sharpton is angry about the word “ho” instead of the phrase “nappy headed.” But when I think back to the Tawana Brawley episode I quickly realize this couldn’t be so. To be dubbed a “rapist” or even a “rape victim” is far worse than to be dubbed a “ho.”

    Think about it. The proper way to analyze the Brawley episode and, in the process, judge the absolute moral bankruptcy of Al Sharpton is to first imagine you have a teenage daughter or sister. Imagine further that someone had concocted a false story that she had been gang raped and sodomized by a group of adult men. Clearly, the charges would be defamatory and would cause inestimable harm to your daughter’s (or sister’s) reputation and emotional well-being.

    And that is the under-discussed problem concerning the Brawley episode. We all know Sharpton defamed (and was sued by) people he falsely accused of raping and sodomizing Brawley. But look what he did to Brawley. She was merely a teenager – a child, in fact – who obviously suffered from severe emotional and mental problems. She would not claim to have been raped, sodomized, and covered with fecal matter had she been mentally stable.

    So when Sharpton continued to advance the false rape story (long after it was debunked) he was still defaming Brawley. And he still is today. It is senseless to say that Brawley consented to the dissemination of the story. She hadn’t the mental or emotional capacity to do so. She was just a very sick child living in a very sick country that treats anti-Semitic/anti-Caucasian bigots with greater respect than its war heroes.

    So, shame on you, racist Reverend. And, shame on you, Don Imus, for consenting to an interrogation at the hands of Al Sharpton. He might not be nappy headed. But he certainly is a whore.
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  5. Just media sharks who in this case happens to be black who selectively fights for black issues. Nothing any more or any less disgusting than the others out there that do the same thing.

  6. Sharpton is just a much a racist as the ones he goes after. The guy has numerouse hate speeches that have been recorded where he compares whites to whites. He has gone on to say that blacks had a deep sense of math long before the "white man" learned how to count, and that the black race is so much more advanced, blah blah blah. He also has a speech where he says the end of the white man is upon us and that blacks will reign supreme. He had another speech that I listened to where he used the "N-word" excessivly and at a pace of almost 4 per sentence. He should be put down, anyway possible.

  7. I grew up in a household with Blacks, Whites, Portuguese, and Jews...I'm definitely not a racist. However I accept the fact that lots of whites are racist towards blacks and DEFINITELY vise versa. If there were less people like Sharpton around this would be less of an epidemic. I'm sure that if I were to knock Sharpton out it would be publicized as racism, but if a black were to hit a skinhead D-bags like Sharpton would condone the incident.

  8. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson love these kind of race hostilities. The last thing they ever want is racial tensions to end, because then they become irrelevant.

  9. id love to see what al sharpton has to say about this document

    just stirring things up a little
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