Blood Daimond Awesome Action

  1. Cool Blood Daimond Awesome Action

    ********: TRAILER - " BLOOD DIAMOND"

    I just watched this on DVD. I would recommend it to anyone who likes action and intrigue. DiCaprio does well as a diamond smuggler
    and of course there's Jennifer Connelly.

    It is a excellent balance of action(lots of splosions) and politics !!!

  2. Fun Movie....made the wife cry.

  3. I agree,I liked di cap's creole accent he used at the first of the movie when selling guns to Captain Rambo. I hear this was very accurate. One of the better movies I've seen

  4. Bling Bang!!!!!!!

  5. As a gemologist, I must say that Blood Diamond was not entirely accurate; moreover, the real problem is currently in the colored stone industry. Unfortunately, however, there was a time when many people suffered because of our desire for the diamond.



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