Barack Obama - still smokin'???

  1. Smile Barack Obama - still smokin'???

  2. Mrs. Bill Clinton will soon pull out all the stops and totally kill this man's political life. After 2008, you will never hear from him again.

    Who will then cut off Mrs. Bill Clinton? Well, I see no republicans yet so the only person that will end her chance is Mr. Bill Clinton.

  3. If Clinton starts to attack Obama it will be the end of her not him, especially if he refuses to stoop to that level. She's already seen as a ruthless, vindictive person and she cant afford to lose any other voters in both the primary and general elections.

    Its a shame that the best canidate in the party isnt getting the face time he deserves. Bill Richardson is probably the most qualified and has the most experience than everyone but Biden (Who needs to drop out asap). If Richardson cant get the nomination, and I doubt he will, I hope that he at least gets the chance to be VP.

  4. True. Good point. Mrs. Bill Clinton is horrible, i wish she would just go away. Did you hear what she did the other day. Both of them. Obama and MBC pandering to the "black vote"

  5. The pandering wasnt what bothered me. Everyone does that. It was that damn fake southern accent of hers that drove me nuts.

    Obama had to go down there cause he was getting killed in the black vote. In the last month he's made up a lot of ground and is actually ahead of Billary. And lets face it, she only has the black vote now due to her husbands success with the black voting block.

  6. I think Hillary still has the best chance of getting the nomination.

    There are a lot of women in the democratic party that will vote for her simply because she is a woman. This is the same block of voters who consistently put abortion ahead of national security.

    I can't wait to see a debate between them. Hillary has never really had any tough competitions and is used to simply repeating slogans.

  7. Hillary is ruthless and her true colors are coming out. Obama has a long road ahead fighting her, racism and the massive republican war machine (if he wins the primary). I like the guy but this country is filled with stupid people who will not vote for him simply based on his fathers color.


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