Boston Bomb Scare

  1. Boston Bomb Scare

    Just read that a settlement has been arranged for the bomb scare in Boston caused by Cartoon Network sending out a few of their associates to set up Lite-Brite devices for the purposes of advertising, which people mistook for bomb devices on a local bridge. Looks like Turner will be shelling out $2 mil to pay for the damages, which I feel is more than justified; however, I am curious as to how people feel about the two men Turner hired to put up the devices, who now face felony hoax charges? Though they are responsible for public distraction and business loss in the local area, they were only putting the advertisements up on behalf of the company. On the flip side, they inadvertently caused millions of dollars in loss due to the fear brought on by the event. Thoughts??

  2. I think it's ridiculous that people in Boston thought they were bombs. There's so many pussies in this country nowadays. People get scared over the smallest, stupidest ****, and it's because of all the fear tactics this administration has used.

    I don't think Turner should be subject to any fines. In fact, the people that called the police to report these "bombs" should be responsible for paying damages.

    I thought it was hilarious when one of the two men mocked the media when they were asking him questions, and he said he would only answer questions about his hair. That was a complete slap in the media's face, yet reporters were saying it's pathetic he was doing that, when in fact they are the pathetic ones.

  3. If all the objects looked like the picutres that I viewed, then I think there was an overreaction. It seems to em that people are often hanging signs or pictures all over cities.

  4. I think people were scared b/c they had battery packs wrapped in duct tape that apparently looked suspicious. Definitely an overreaction, but it's probably a case of nobody wanting to be that guy who said "I'm sure it's nothing", and then watched it blow.

  5. I saw these devices in question, let me say they did not look like a bomb. Seriously they took major advantage of this for publicity mayor of Boston is a nut job.



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