The offical Kubby '08 support thread

  1. The offical Kubby '08 support thread

    Let me start by saying I will only believe this man or anyone from the Libertarian party has a chance at winning the election if I see porky pig fly past my window.

    With that said, its time for a REAL AMERICAN in office.

    Kubby for President | Let Freedom Grow!

    Now if this dude isnt a man of the people, who is?
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  2. He and Ron Paul have no chance the media pays no attention to them.

  3. The main stream media gives him no chance at all. It was the same thing when Harry Brown ran. They will not even let him enter a debate. The Libertarians only outlets the net & talk radio.

  4. Ron Paul would be a better individual to back.

  5. Kubby was leading the polls a little while ago. Not sure now though.



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