constitution violating itself?

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    So, the senators are neglecting the 18-21year old drinkers who vote?, This is such a small pecentage of the constiuency, that it would make no political sense to urge legislation to change the the drinking age, when that very act would upset the over 21year old voters, who are concerned about the health and behavior of the under 21 crowd. That would be political suicide, specifically because that same 18-21 demographic would not exist in 3 years. So, we are left with a law that may be unfair,to 18-21 year old drinking voters,( life is not fair), but is logical based upon risk and reward to the majority of the voting population. Sorry 18-21 voting drinkers but, you lose!...

    Yes I know this is a loosing battle, thats why I dont "do anything about it except support senators/presidential nominees with my viewpoints (even though they have no chance at winning).

    I'm going to take this time again to remind you folks to vote for a true american...

    The offical Kubby '08 support thread

    Kubby's getting the bronze in '08. I can feel it.

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    I think you are doing quite well at proving my point.
    It's what it looks like to me too.

  3. spatch i completely understand what you are saying and at the same time i understand how many people are clinging onto your "drinking age" statement. people tend to see something and cling to only that idea.... NOT saying that thats what the majority of the posts were like but some....

    its completely ignorant to take 100% sides on this sort of topic. I dont think its fair that 18 year olds can fight and die in politics and not have a beer....I also understand that sometimes, sad to say, most people arent smart enough to look after themselves and need an extra push/barrier/boundary to help them.... you cant tell me that the majority of society, teenagers, 30 year olds, 40 year olds, 80 year olds DONT need alittle help when it comes to decision making.

    life's not fair though.... you are not 21 then you can't drink.... thats just sucky... if some old geezer recklessly lived life and now depends on social security....its sucks that i have to pay for his butt. all in the name of taking care of society....


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