Iraqi Death Toll Hugely Underestimated

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    Have any of you seen what happens when a B-52 dumps it's payload, I mean the aftermath? I have and it's not inconceivable to me that 650,000 is far off. A 500 lb AP bomb could scatter the bodies of 50 or so people, magnify that by 140 per load and you have one hell of a body count per plane load. Hiding dessicated parts isn't all that difficult.

    I don't even think they were even used very much, not to mention the war coverage and the thousands of reporters with camera's, especially Al Jazeera, would have filmed such large scale killings. We dont' even need B-52 when we can use a MOAB.

    If CNN can film an insurgent sniper kill a US serviceman (great job CNN ), it can catch a b-52 carpet bombing residential areas.
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  2. agreed bobo, wit everything you said. not trying to discredit the report, but everyone do relize the same people that fund these studys/colleges are the same ppl...*cough* lobbyists *cough* .. that fork money out to our outstanding gov't to yay or nay a bill, law etc etc. lol. Not to discredit that but do relize this could affect a topic as sensitive as this that many news agegies or gov't officials may use to get their point across. theres no diff. between this, and the beatiful news crews known as american media bsin' about the mass slaughter and chaos goin on in iraq right now lol. Funny how the media cant stop talkin about it yet ive taled to 3 ppl, 2 born in iraq, anothers whose family moved over be4 he was born who fly to kuwait annualy and drive south to Iraq to visit family there. I think its ironic how they all have said the "choas" lol which can be comparable to a n.y. muggin is centralied around a few towns and citeis, mostly in the north if im correct, but the rest of the country is rather calm. lol all the bombers there win their war and get their point across everytime our media broadcasts another one of their 'massacres' on tv or in the paper. lol not to discreadi out wonderful media agencies, and there is **** goin on in iraq, but the world of overblown media coverage is nothing new to american culture.



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