Warning of possible threat to U.N.'s Geneva HQ

  1. Warning of possible threat to U.N.'s Geneva HQ

    Uh-oh!! Well.. well... looks like the United Nations' pro-terrorist appeasement is not working neither......

    imagine that....... Terrorists attacking UN HQ in Europe? Trying to kill terrorist hugging Europeans?? Gee wee.... Who have thought?!

    Warning of threat to U.N.'s Geneva HQ - Europe - MSNBC.com

    Warning of possible threat to U.N.'s Geneva HQ
    Security stepped up at Palais des Nations

    Updated: 7:24 a.m. CT Oct 5, 2006
    "....GENEVA - Swiss authorities have informed the United Nations of a threatened attack against its European headquarters in Geneva, its biggest premises outside of New York, a U.N. statement said on Thursday.

    “The Swiss authorities have contacted the U.N. Office at Geneva (UNOG) to inform them of a possible threat against United Nations premises in Geneva,” the statement said.

    “No information has been provided about the possible authors or the means to be used. No specific target has been mentioned,” it added.

    Security and checks have been stepped up at the sprawling Palais des Nations, the original League of Nations, where work and meetings continued as usual, U.N. spokeswoman Elena Ponomareva said.

    Some 1,600 people work in the 1930s building, where the U.N. Human Rights Council is currently holding a three-week session to examine alleged violations -- including counter-terrorism measures taken in the wake of the Sept 11, 2001...."

  2. hmmm... What da ya know? It ain't America's fault afterall. It ain't Bush' fault, afterall. Wow! How could that be?

  3. I think it is very damning that the mass media has kept total silent on this incident.

    You would think that they would be raging mad with indignation.

    If it was a threat against the WhiteHouse, you can bet your bottom dollar that there would be ad nausem editorializing about how it was all the US's fault... blahblahblah...

    Could it be, the crow they are eating keeps them silent?

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